Who We Are

We are a well-established team of linguists based in Abu Dhabi, UAE offering fast and reasonably priced language services.
Horizon Legal Translation is composed of legal translators, editors and copywriters, highly experienced and put together to work as one group.

Driven by a deep interest for languages and culture, and owing to our combined knowledge and expertise, we provide a wild range of high quality translation, editing, copywriting and other linguistic services.
Our services are provided in the three official languages used in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region: Arabic, English and French. Our team includes certified translators authorized by UAE Ministry of Justice for the three languages and professionals with years of experience in high profile companies and government institutions.

We are passionate about excellence and all our language services are performed by pros with core competencies in their respective field of expertise.
Our team is perfectly aware of the demanding aspect of today’s fast paced world. We strive to provide you with a high quality translation while still paying a competitive price.
The market is full of challenges and opportunities and we commit to help our customers meet these challenges and take advantage of all opportunities by accurately customizing their content to the local markets, in one of the three main MENA region languages.

who we are

Our Team

We set up a large team of experts (certified translators, interpreters, editors, copywriters…) from different nationalities and cultural backgrounds.
Our purpose is to provide excellent and low cost language services to individuals and companies all over the world.
We specialize in the main three languages used in the MENA region: Arabic, English and French. Our team includes certified translators authorized by UAE Ministry of Justice.
Our team members have various working experiences and specialties. We are efficient and together we form a beautiful rainbow made of perfecting differences.

Our Location

We are based in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. You may visit our office or contact us by phone, fax or email at your convenience. Our valued customers in UAE may also place a request to schedule an appointment to meet in person and discuss major projects.


We relentlessly promote excellence and seek to develop partnerships that generate mutual benefits by meeting or exceeding service expectations throughout the whole assignation and delivering high quality language services in Arabic, English and French with appropriate costs and speed to individuals, companies and other entities in UAE and worldwide.


We remain committed to supporting our customers. We are dedicated to constantly increasing the competitiveness of our team, achieving sustainable excellence and generating trust through communication and cooperation.