Quality Assurance

Horizon Legal Translation has put in place a demanding QA policy and we stand behind every work of translation we produce.

Our linguistic standards are designed to avoid common mistakes and poor stylistic expressions. Great care is taken in the selection of our translators and interpreters.

Located among the world’s most diverse and multi-cultural environments, Horizon Legal Translation affords no sacrifice in the proficiency of our translators.

Translation credentials are scrutinized. Performance, experience and references are checked prior to employment or assignment commissions. Upon the assignment of tasks, we take into consideration not only the academic achievements and linguistic skills of our translators, but also their technical and specialized knowledge. We match their expertise with your project.

Translations are reviewed by a technical editor, a specialist or expert in the contents of the project. The aim is to ensure accuracy, clarity, and responsibility, even to the jargon of the trade.

A conscientious proofreader thoroughly reviews the text for omissions, linguistic flaws or typographical errors.

We welcome and encourage feedback from our clientele on our performance.