Our Services

Services we provide to individuals

If you need a document to be translated, or if you need a document you wrote to be edited, we provide you with the required service.
We translate your medical reports, powers of attorney, contracts, emails and other correspondence along with all kind of certificates and documents. Be it a driving license to be submitted to the traffic department or a marriage certificate for immigration purposes or for other reasons, you will get the service that best suits your needs.
At competitive prices, we can also provide you with an interpreter should you need one.
Even if you can understand and speak a little English, or a little Arabic, you may feel that you can express yourself more easily in your mother tongue. Our interpreter will accompany you during your meeting or interview and help you express yourself naturally.

Services we provide to corporates

Our services include in-house translators, translation, interpretation and localization (MENA) as well as copywriting, editing and proofreading. We offer you our proven expertise at competitive rates topped with the appropriate availability, flexibility and efficiency.
Our team of experts thinks and acts with customers’ interest in mind.
We provide you with high-quality language services and we remain committed to supporting you by providing you with the services that best suit your needs, including consultancy. Our team leader is fully prepared to collaborate with you to create the best outcomes in a timely manner.
We believe in communication during the whole process and we welcome your comments and feedback.